Saturday, May 31, 2008

Plant it!


'Tis the end of season for the cultivation of Baras Brunei, and after a really good Pusu harvest it's time to cultivate other varieties of rice to fill the off-season gap. The off-season period is the opportune time to cultivate the faster growing/yielding rice varieties such as the IR64 Super Indonesian rice (medium grain) and IR74 Filipino rice (Beras Laila genus), both can be harvested after three months of planting and can be cultivated anytime during the year regardless of the season as long as water is available.

Continued cultivation during season intervals also helps curb overgrowth, meaning less work needed when it comes to prepare for the next Baras Brunei season.

With Brunei's considerable wet climate, there is ample rain for cultivating rice all year round. But as I've mentioned before, farming Baras Pusu outside it's normal cultivation season (Oct-Apr) will result in crop failure, as had been experimented by some of the neighbouring farmers.

Availability of water is crucial at the very most during rice planting. Just as plants go, the transplanted seedlings need to be kept sufficiently moist until they have grown hardy enough to sustain on their own (about 1 month+).

Seedlings also need to be planted firmly into the soil in clusters of 3-5 to prevent strong winds from uprooting them. Planting them in clusters will also lower the chance of crop failure. Planting in square foot grids makes it easier to move around when it comes time to fertilise and harvest the padi.

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